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Bishop Anthony Gogo Nwedo CSSP was ordained on 17th may, 1959 as the first bishop of the newly created Umuahia Diocese. The area was backward undeveloped with very few primary schools and fewer secondary schools. The area also was predominantly protestant. He was given the charge of running and developing the new diocese and he needed help. First of all, he came to realise that Bishop Shanahan had met a similar situation in Onitsha which he handled successfully by building catholic schools as tools of evangelization and development, He therefore borrowed the idea and started building schools, colleges, hospital and orphanages. But the question was: who would run these institution for him?

He tried to get a religious congregation to come down from overseas to the newly created diocese to help but none was available. He then asked propaganda fide to help him find such a religious congregation that could help him. Their reply was loud and clear. Why not start your own? Initially he thought it was going to be an impossible venture but as time went on, the idea began round for prospective candidates to be the pioneers of the congregation.

When the Secretary General of Propaganda Fide, Archbishop Pietro Sigismondi sent him the “NORMA” for erecting such society he then realized that there was nothing more to wait for. On 29th December, 1961 the first 18 young girls gathered around him in Carpus Christi Mission, Etitiulo, Bende. Latter another eleven young girls joined them. They stayed two weeks in Bende and the principal of Xavier College, Bende was of tremendous assistance. Exactly on the feast of St. Anthony of Egypt 17th January, 1962 they moved to the uncompleted Mercy Secondary School, Nbawsi which Nna anyi was building for them. This was how the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM) congregation started with twenty-nine girls.

It was the congregation of the Sister of Peter Claver in Rome that undertook to train the first group of eight aspirants whom the Father Founder judged ready to go on with a more serious religious formation. They were sent to the convent of this congregation of St. Peter Claver in Ibadan where they had their Pre-Novitiate training, after which they were clothed as Novices in Rome Novitiate House of St. Peter Claver Sisters on 8th December, 1964. Returning to Nigeria in June 1966, they continued their training and six of them made their first religious profession on December 8th of the same year.

The congregation started as a Pious Union in December 1961 and was canonically erected as an Institute of Diocesan Right on 17th January, 1962 by the founder himself most Rev. Dr. Anthony Gogo Nwedo C.S.S.P of the blessed memory. On the recommendation of his successor, Most Rev. Dr. Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji, it was recognized as an Institute of Pontifical Right by the Congregation for the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life by the Decree of February 2, 1994.


The spirituality of the congregation is based on the five virtues: Charity, Humility, Prayer, Penance and Abandonment to the will of God. The members strive to live out these virtues in their communities and the various apostolates they are engaged in – orphanages, schools, hospitals, homes, and other pastoral engagements. In that way, they are able to achieve the aim of the congregation, namely, the sanctification of the members and the salvation of souls. They constitute themselves into a Spiritual Powerhouse, making their very lives a sign of God’s love for the world.


The charism of DMMM congregation is based on the merciful love of God towards his people especially the poor. Imitating this divine attribute of God, the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy bear witness to his merciful love for his creatures with acts of compassion, forgiveness and kindness. DMMM sisters show mercy as compassion by loving the poor and underprivileged and caring for them in hospitals, schools, homes, orphanages, centers, etc. they live out mercy as forgiveness by excusing one another’s faults; seeking and accepting reconciliation from those who have wronged them; promoting peace and harmony in whatever field of apostolate they are engaged in. they practice mercy as kindness by offering Christ-like hospitality to all who cross their paths, being tender hearted towards one another, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows and giving fraternal correction to one another.


The congregation has been growing from strength to strength, increasing in vocations and spreading through the whole world despite all turbulence. Right now, we have about one thousand, three hundred professed members and have our presence in many countries in Africa, America, Europe and Asia. In about her five decades of existence, the congregation has celebrated seven General Chapters where six Superiors General were elected follows

  1. Rev. Mother Mary Assumpta Nwulu - August, 1979
  2. Rev. Mother Mary Paul Offia (1st tenure) - August, 1985
  3. Rev. Mother Mary Paul Offia (2nd tenure) - August, 1991
  4. Rev. Mother Mary Benigna Amadi - August, 1997
  5. Rev. Mother Marie Pauline Ebo - August, 2003
  6. Rev. Mother Mary Casmir Nwadiukwu - August, 2009

With continuous increase in the number of our members and high demand for the DMMM sisters all over the world, the congregation is now zoned into six regions namely, Abuja, America, Europe, Ibadan, Onitsha and Owerri regions.


In her 7th General Chapter held from 15th to 30th August, 2015, the following members were elected members of the General Council:

  1. 1. Rev. Mother Mary Angeleen Umezurike – Superior General
  2. 2. Rev. Sr. Mary Therese Leo Ikwuegbu – Vicar General
  3. 3. Rev. Sr. Amabilis Onuoha - Councillor
  4. 4. Rev. Sr. Marie Prisca Colette Ezenwa – Councillor
  5. 5. Rev. Sr. Mary Catherine Nweke – Councillor


The DMMM Education Office was created in 2003 to liaise with the General Council in matters concerning the education of her members and management of schools owned or run by our sisters. The office is headed by a co-ordinator who is a member of the General Council. There is also the Education Secretary who sees to the day to day running of the office. The following co-ordinator have manned the office…

  1. Rev. Sr. Maria Virginia Ajuzie – August, 2003 to August, 2009
  2. Rev. Sr. Mary Evangelista Oparaocha – August, 2009 to August, 2015
  3. Rev. Sr. Marie Prisca Colette Ezenwa – 2015 till date
The following education secretaries have served in the office

  1. Rev Sr. Mary Ngozi Okereke 2003-2004
  2. Rev Sr. Mary Ernestina Edozie 2005-2008
  3. Rev Sr. Mary Elofunachi Ikwunemelu August 2008 to Sept. 2010
  4. Rev Sr. Mary joy Ifeoma Ibegbulam Sept. 2010 till date

The following sisters are members of the Education Committee

  1. 1. Sr. Marie Prisca Colette Ezenwa – Coordinator
  2. 2. Sr. Mary Joy Ibegbulam - Secretary
  3. 3. Hope Marie Nkachukwu
  4. 4. Sr. Bibian Maria Patience Ogbonnaya
  5. 5. Sr. Mary JanePatrick Okolie
  6. 6. Sr. Mary Purissima Dike
  7. 7. Sr. Mary John Gab Osuagwu
  8. 8. Sr. Mary Cleo Patra Enyinna
  9. 9. Sr. Mary Ann Osuji
  10. 10. Sr. Mary Beatirice Chukwumezie


Education apostolate is very dear to the heart of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Mercy (DMMM)congregation and our school apostolate has the following principles:

  1. To inculcate high moral and spiritual values in the children
  2. To actualize high academic standard in all the school owned or managed by the DMMM sisters
  3. To restore discipline among staff and pupils/student
  4. To eradicate social vices rampant in the present day Nigerian schools..

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